Is Michael Jackson alive? Polls online!

sgc-legitimatieThere are some suppositions and confidential opinions on this issue on the net. What do you think? Is Michael Jackson alive?



Some time to found out somethinkg you  just need to ask! Leave a comment too!

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7 răspunsuri to “Is Michael Jackson alive? Polls online!”

  1. Anca Says:

    I would be glad to hear he is still alive. I dont judge people. I always loved Michael Jackson and I never believed anything that media said about him. Celebrity does not bring him happiness.
    I completely have understood him, so I am sure that he was involved in all these scandals because of his money.
    As for me, I love Michael Jackson for who he is, for what he is.

  2. stoianconstantin Says:

    Hi Anca,
    What do you think was Michael Jackson an educated man? If you are from Romania I whish to continue this conversation in Rumanian language!

  3. Raluca Says:

    pentru mine Michael e cel mai tare!

  4. sincer Says:

    I love Michael Jackson not like a lover, i love him for his voice, for his moves, for everything that he is.
    Since they announced his pass, i listen non stop his songs, maybe maybe he will forgive me for not listening 10 years of my life his voice.
    I’m a fan MJ, since I was in my mom’s bely. In my hearth he left a big emptiness, nowone wil fill it.
    I dreamd a lot of time since his pass, that he came to my door and tell me to help him hide from the press and from everyone eyes.
    I woul be extremly glad nowing that his alive somewere far from the media’s eyes.
    But that’s not for us to now.
    So i finish me letter whit some words for him:
    „Me and my husband will love u like a brother, a father or a friend for the rest of our lifes, and we want u to be sure that our children(if will have), will know your songs like we now them, and u made our days happyer.
    Always loving u
    Onestly missing u”

  5. ema Says:

    eu vreau ca michael sa vina pe scena la anul , spectaculos.
    nu putem trai numai din amintiri michael

  6. Dana Says:

    Chiar daca Michael este undeva in viata (ceea ce imi doresc foarte tare) nu o sa stim niciodata, pentru ca nu o sa apara, nu ar avea sens.

  7. MJforever Says:

    i don’t know what to belive…i hope he is alive because i love him…his music……everything! i really want to belive he is alive but only the time will tell us the truth….the fans will understand him if he will come back…love MJ….hope he is alive :>

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